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Kitchen Helpers

Making grilled cheese

I love teaching new things to my children.  We have rotation of helpers for the kitchen, laundry, window washing and bathroom.  The kids love being the kitchen helper.  Hopefully it’s because they like being with me.  My kitchen helper really means just that.. being helpful.  They get veggies and condiments out of the fridge, help mix things, set the table and even serve.  Well my girl has taken it to the next level. She wanted to do everything.  So the other day, I taught Gabi how to make grilled cheese.  She listened attentively.  The next day, I let her try it on her own. She followed all my directions to the letter.

Finished Grilled Cheese

She even managed to incorporate her sister in the process.  Gabi buttered the bread, Juliana opened the cheese and place on the bread.  Gabi did all the cooking and flipping.  The grilled cheese turned out great!  Both of the girls were so excited that they made lunch from start to finish.  I was so impressed and excited to teach more about cooking.


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Mommy Moments

It’s both sad and sweet when my kiddos are sick. No one likes to be sick, the fever, chills, sleepiness, all of it just isn’t any fun. But as Mom one thing I love is that all of my kids, whatever their age, want their mom.

Today was no exception. I did everything with my little boy, even though he is a heavy 2 1/2 year old. I cooked, cleaned (barely), taught the older ones and of course read books, all with my little guy either on my shoulder, lap or hip. He just wanted to be near his mommy. I loved it!

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