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Listening to little ones..

Yesterday I was sitting outside listening to little voices and enjoying every moment. The Castle.Sitting at the base of the castle I could hear the interactions of the royal family within. “Excuse me, Your Highness?” said the servant. “Do you want me to paint your whole room pink?” The queen elegantly leans out of the window and in her British accent says, “Why yes! Of, course.” So the servant rubs the giant pink chalk until the castle steps are covered in the queens favorite color.


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What if..

We posed this question to the kids.  What if we were at the playground and some kid was hitting your little brother.  What would you do?

They said, “Run to get mom.”

Steve said, “No.  First, defend your brother. Tell the kid to stop and if he doesn’t get off, push him, hit him if you have to.  You defend your brother or your sister.  Don’t let them continue to be hurt.”

Steve gave them another example.  He explained, “What if someone were trying to hurt Mommy?  Should I just sit back and watch them?  Should I go run and get the police?  No!  I am to protect and defend my family.  I will yell at the person, push or even punch the person, so that Mommy won’t be in danger.”

My little Sam grew about an inch right before my eyes.  His shoulders were getting bigger. You could see in his eyes that he was eager for that responsibility of defending his brother and sisters.

Their responses were precious.  They understood that their family is important.  And that it is their family responsibility to be looking after each other.  Whether some kid is making fun of Juliana because she is scared and crying at the top of the jungle gym or if someone is throwing rocks at Gabriela, it is their job to help, protect and defend.

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